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I've got a new blog, Cranial Hiccups!

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Facing the Storm

Yesterday we had a dust storm blow through. It was a little bit creepy to see a big wall of dust coming our way.

Dust Storm

Dust Storm

The dust storm brought rain, blessed rain. Except we have four pivots of hay down and two pivots full of baled hay. Not the ideal situation but somehow it feels okay. We don't work on Sundays. We could have easily hauled the baled hay and maybe even raked and baled the other pivots before the storm blew through.

Dust Storm

"Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.
"Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:
"But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:
"For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it." (Exodus 20: 8-11)

It may seem old-fashioned to believe in the fourth commandment but we feel the Lord will bless us for following it.

Mom and Laura


As we watched the storm draw closer I thought about other storms that we face in life. Some come from our own mistakes, some come because of the mistakes of others, and some come just because. I hope my children see that holding fast to the Lord, following the commandments, and facing trials with faith will do a great deal in helping them through. The Lord will bless them. He makes up for what we lack.

My Littles

The older girls have been gone all week to girls camp. For most of the day it's just been me and the "younger" crowd at home. We've been making cookies, watching movies, playing card games and board games, listening to the piano being practiced without older siblings grumbling about all the 'noise', and doing chores. LOTS of chores. I forgot how much I used to do when I didn't have older children to help with the harder chores around the house.

It's amazing to me how the the older ones of the younger set step up to help. Bon Bon commented that she thinks Fudge and Cookie are better babysitters then she was at their age. They just seem to display more patience. I think they probably have some pretty good examples in their older sisters too. I just love watching them all interact with one another and learn from each other.


Junior Mint's new favorite thing to do is climb on the piano bench and pound on the piano keys. He has been my most musical child at just 16 months old. I will hum various tunes or melodies while he is playing with his toys and he will start humming what ever tune I was doing.


Cookie is the best cookie maker at our house. She follows the same recipe we do but she has the magical touch. Yesterday's goodies were peanut butter.


Hershey's hair has finally grown out! It took a full seven months. She is a spit fire, a singer, and Miss Independent. At the end of every day as I walk out of her room after tucking her into bed she say, "Good night, Mom. Have sweet dreams!"


Special Dark has done a lot of growing up this past year. He is Mr. Ferrero Rocher's right hand man and quite a comedian. He is a good sport and is in love with soccer.


Ganache is our bull in a china shop right now. He is full bore all the time. This week he's sporting a black eye from falling and hitting it on the piano bench. He is a mama's boy through and through.


You get a double dose of the baby. He is one of the most happy-go-lucky kids ever. He loves to laugh and also to joke around. One of these days I will try and get a video of his favorite joke to play right now. He will lift up the lid on the piano keys, put his hand under it and slowly lower the lid so it looks like his fingers are being squished. Then he turns around to whoever is in the room and starts pretending to cry. At first we would run up to him and take the lid off and hold him thinking he really had squished his fingers. Then one day I watched him and couldn't believe what I was seeing, the little stinker!

Surviving Hitler: The Unlikely True Story of an SS Soldier and a Jewish Woman

Even though Agnes Erdös was a practicing Catholic, she was an ethnic Jew. After the Nazis invaded her country of Hungary, Agnes and her parents were sent to the concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Agnes survived, her parents did not. After the war she would meet Gustav Palm.

Gustav was a young man when Hitler invaded Norway. Tricked into applying for what he thought was a job as a traffic cop, Gustav ended up being a guard at a Nazi camp, a prisoner guarding prisoners. To escape he volunteered for the Waffen-SS to fight at the front.
"I learned that there are good people everywhere and that you can talk to most. Our female guards were not fanatics or cruel people either. They were just people who had found themselves in unfortunate circumstances caused by this evil war. I wondered who exactly was responsible for all of this misery. Was it the selfish, the ambitious, and the sinful souls on each side, who usually get away? 
"I though then, and since, that even if a few tops leaders were punished, nothing they had destroyed could be restored by their deaths. The only thing left for us to do was to learn from what happened and think about all the innocent victims: Jews, Poles, Gypsies, Germans, Russians, or whoever they might be. However, we, the victims of these greedy leaders, could not be revived unless we put our hope in Christ to live. We had to start anew, begin all over, forgive, and love as Christ did. And that is a long and difficult road." Agnes Erdös Palm

Agnes and Gustav were both innocent people caught up in opposite sides of World War II. Both experienced much hardship. As the story unfolds you can see the hand of God even in the midst of tragedy.  

Surviving Hitler is told as if reading diary entries. We jump back and forth between Agnes and Gustav discovering how one was living while the other was experiencing something entirely differently at the same moment. It is beautiful and heart aching. A story of forgiveness, healing, and survival, as well as a story of turning to God.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys reading. It is wonderful and I am happy to add it to my personal library!

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Surviving Hitler: The Unlikely True Story of an SS Soldier and a Jewish Woman by Deseret Book to review. All opinions are mine.

Riven Arc Sword Winner!

Wow! There were a lot of entries in the Prime Sword Giveaway. It took a while to tally all the entries and get them all counted and double checked before a winner was chosen. I finally got it done and .....

Thank you so much for all your support! The Prime Sword kickstarter campaign is almost funded!